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10-10-10 by Suzy Welch10-10-10 by Suzy Welch
Published by: Scribner, New York, 2009

Suzy Welch states that “Learning how to live by experience is part of the human condition.”  At one point in her life she decided “I have to end this craziness” and out of desperation, began a journey of discovering and implementing a tool for managing her life based upon more strategic decision making.  In this book, she passes her discovery on to her readers.

This tool is  “10 – 10 – 10”.   It involves basing a decision on a proactive consideration of the immediate, short term, and future consequences of the decision.  What are the consequences in ten minutes, in ten months, in ten years?  It seems simplistic but it is not.  Just try it.  Many people only consider one of these if any. 

Ms. Welch takes us through the system very comfortably.  She takes us step by step until the tool is understood and the reader is enlightened and empowered to try it.  She gives us a peek at how others have used it in their lives.  The process of asking the question, gathering data, and analyzing before acting slows down the impulsive, organizes the scattered, and fine-tunes those who are managing well already.

The book left me wondering :Why didn’t I think of this?


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Freeing Godiva - A Woman's Journey of Self-Empowerment!A Woman's Journey of Self-Empowerment!

SEVIERVILLE, TENNESSEE - June Bond, life coach and author, has been selected from a nationwide search to be featured in Freeing Godiva; a highly successful book series from Tennessee based Insight Publishing.  June Bond is joined by other well known authors, health experts, and speakers, each offering time-tested strategies for success in frank and intimate interviews.

Dr. Bond begins at the very beginning with "We are empowered at the moment of conception" as she addresses the topic of Spiritual DNA.


The Wellness Inventory

Wellness WheelWellness is a personal experience which involves positive change toward a healthier lifestyle.  Every day you make decisions which affect your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance.  When you embrace wellness, you are careful to make decisions that support it.  Wellness coaching supports you in the assessment, planning, and action phases of implementing your goals. 

Dr. Bond is a licensed administrator of the The Wellness Inventory.
It is a holistic assessment and life-balance program designed to help you gain personal insight into your state of physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.  The program offers guidance and tools to transform this new awareness into sustainable lifestyle change, and a renewed sense of health and wellbeing.  You may elect to include the Inventory in your coaching.